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Not Painting, Copperfield Gallery, 2021

Not Painting, Copperfield.jpg

Not Painting / 11 November 2021 - 29 January 2022.

Jo Addison, Gabriele Beveridge, Jane Bustin, Ben Edmunds, Kevin Hunt, Nicola Ellis, Susan Jacobs, Harminder Judge, littlewhitehead, Kristian Kragelund, Alastair and Fleur Mackie, Nika Neelova, David Rickard, Alexandra Searle, Sarah Kate Wilson, Rafal Zajko.

Industrial by-products, Carbon, residue from exploded fireworks, Plastering, Malfunctioned solar cells, Chemicals, Shop fittings, Building materials, Fiberglass, Performance, Painting machine, Porcelain, Casting, Graphite, Asphalt, Orange peel, Copper, Granulated glass, Resin, Shrink-wrap plastic, Cardboard, Carnauba wax, Aluminium, Whitewash, Waterjet cutting, Found plastics, Studio detritus, Boulder, Cnc milling, Cast jesmonite, Epoxy modelling compound, Scrim, Oil, Wax.
Not painting.
A relationship to painting but more room to move.


Black, 2017 - ongoing.
Stretcher bars, shrink-wrap plastic, instructions and mixed media, in aluminium and wood frame.
Framed dimensions 137 x 115 x 7.5 cm.

Not Painting, Copperfield.jpg