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'Show-Off', 2014 curated by LeandaKateLouise


'Erotic Ecologies', 2024. APT Gallery, Artists - Eirini Boukla, Catherine Ferguson, Rebecca Partridge and Sarah Kate Wilson

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Festival Stage TOTAL, Bauhaus Museum, Dessau - Camberwell College of Arts, UAL, BA Fine Art students and lecturers from Camberwell College of Arts reimagined and staged Xanti Schawinskys’ performance-installation ‘Play, Life, Illusion

Ballet image.jpg

Ballet (Testbed)

Mantic Prediction

'Mantic Prediction', 2024, acrylic, wax and watercolour crayon on holographic card on panel, framed 41.5 x 51.5cm



An Event → 'An Event', 2020. Water, spritz bottles, glass prims, metal sticks, tape, sound (of white noise), theatrical spotlight (manually operated) and six performers. Duration variable. Performed here within Show-Off, 2020, London.


'Iris', 2016. BALTIC 39 I FIGURE THREE (solo)

Zumba, 2014, Show-Off, Sarah Kate Wilson.jpg

Zumba, 2014 - present. Double-sided sequinned fabric, strobe lights, laptop running DMX, a darkened space and two performers. Fabric 140 x 200 cm approx. Performance dimensions variable. Performed within Show-Off, 2014