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Show-Off 2014 and 2020

Show-Off: A Choreography of Artworks

Conjuring ideas of a catwalk, cattle market, and auction house, the performed exhibition, Show-Off mobilises sculptures, paintings, drawings in front of a seated audience. Art handlers carry and direct artworks on stage, bringing the procession of works to directly ‘meet’ onlookers. The viewer is relieved of the task of navigation, the exhibition comes to them. All artworks are professionally lit and illuminated, and sometimes accompanied by soundscapes. for a limited time before being carried off stage. The stage has been conceived and made by artist Gary Woodley, and reconfigures into a multitude of arrangements which reflect the perceived display needs of each work.

Show-Off, 2020. Artists: Paul Barlow / Olivia Bax / Gabriele Beveridge / Anthony Caro / Rose Davey / Harminder Judge / Rob Phillips / Tessa Whitehead / Sarah Kate Wilson / Gary Woodley. Show - Off (open rehearsal) 2020 was generously hosted by Cooke Latham Gallery.

Show-Off, 2014. Artists: David Batchelor / Sam Belinfante / Jane Bustin / Martin Creed / Blue Curry / Matthew Darbyshire / Rose Davey / Claire Dorsett / Iain Hales / Tess Jaray / Sam Kennedy / Rory McCartney / Bruce McLean / Zoe Mendelson / Paulina Michnowska / Lisa Milroy / Mali Morris / Rob Phillips / Heino Schmid / Phoebe Unwin / Tessa Whitehead / Vicky Wright / Sarah Kate Wilson / Rose Wylie / Joel Wyllie

Show-Off was conceived and curated by artists Rose Davey and Sarah Kate Wilson. Please visit: to watch a short film documenting Show - Off.